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Adams, Christine (Lisenbee)                                                         LHS"1967"

Spouse: Steve


Children: 2


     We decided to write our bios together because most of what we have to write about has been shared between us.  We were married four years after high school.  Steve Lisenbee and Chris Adams - who would have guessed!  We have two children.  Our son lives in Phoenix and teaches at ASU.  We just returned from sitting with our granddogs while he and his wife were in Ireland.  Our daughter lives in Las Vegas and is getting married next May.  She's a nurse at Sunrise Hospital.  We visit "Sin City" at least once a year.  Steve's daughter lives in Idaho and has a daughter of her own. 

     We live between Clarkston and Asotin and spend most of our time keeping up the homestead.  We also love looking for antiques and go to auctions every chance we get.

     Chris has been teaching first grade in Asotin for the past 18 years.  She also taught in Lewiston before the children were born.  Steve has been in the Army National Guard for 37 years and will retire this summer.  He'll probably find something else to do for awhile.  He has just recently been sent back home from Boise where he worked for the last four years in the Guard.  We didn't object too much since he didn't deploy with the rest of Idaho for Iraq.  But he's home now and it will be nice to get back to our routine. 

     We hope to retire like most of the rest of you in two years and do whatever retired people do.  We're looking forward to seeing many of you for the first time in years.

Adams, Sandra (Jackson)                                                             LHS"1967"   



Adcock, Jean (Jones)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Kenneth


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 2

Adsitt, Teresa (Hill)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Aeiling, Trudy (Casto)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Anderson, Marilyn                                                                        LHS"1967"

Anderson, Neil A.                                                                        LHS"1967"

Anderson, Stan                                                                            LHS"1967"

Andrews, Beverly                                                                         LHS"1967"

Andrews,, Terran Lee (Fetner)                                                     LHS"1967"

Aram, Vance                                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Patti



Grandchildren: 2


I’ve been working at the Lewiston Post Office since 1971. My position was moved to the Spokane District, but I am able to stay in Lewiston and work from here. I am also partners in a pet food distribution business, R&R Pets Foods, and find myself very busy keeping up with two jobs. My wife Patti (class of 1968) and I have decided that it’s about time for the old guy to give something up, so it looks like retirement from the PO will be closing in within the next year.


Since we built our new home last summer, we haven’t stopped working for a minute! My latest adventure was planting a vineyard in our backyard. Since our lot slopes to the west, I planted 55 grape plants and am trying all sorts of home remedies to keep the deer and rabbits out. If anyone has any ideas, I’m game to try just about anything!


While Patti and I enjoy 4-wheeling and camping, our greatest love is spending time with our two grandsons, Ethan (5) and Mason (2) Yochum. Unfortunately, they live in Oregon, but we try to see them whenever we can.


I look forward to seeing you at the reunion and hope you all can make it!

Arminger, Kathy (Boulton)                                                            LHS"1967"

Armstrong, Leon                                                                          LHS"1967"

Spouse: Sharon


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 1

Arnold, Linda (Triplett)

Ashburn, Diane Marie (Wilmonen)                                                LHS"1967"


Bacharach, Ann                                                                            LHS"1967"


Bacon, Peggy (Olinger)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Baer, Carol (Olinger)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Spouse: Jim


Children: 2 sons

Grandchildren: 3


Jim and I have been married almost 42years, where has the time gone. We moved to Vancouver, WA. after we were married and raised two wonderful sons, James JR, 41, and Kevin 38. They brought two great daughters-in-law into our lives. James and Andie gave us three exceptional grandkids, Aaron 15, Christian 14 and Bethany 11 years old. They live in Missoula, MT. Kevin and Kris live in Battle Ground, WA. which is in our area.


 Our grandsons help us do retail trade shows for our business, Country Store Miniatures. We closed our store 2 ½ years ago and Jim does an Internet business from home now. Our Web site is and he also has an eBay Store which you can get to from our web site. This keeps us very busy, trying to keep up with the business, working and family.


I am working at an Administration Office for 10 Allergy and Dermatology Doctors that have 12 clinics. I am the receptionist for the Administrative Office and the transcription clerk for seven transcriptionest, I’ve been there three years now. Jim is also working with a friend doing remodeling of houses.

In our spare time we like to go camping in our motor home and ride motorcycles with our family and friends.

Baker, Louise Alice                                                                      LHS"1967"

Baker, Mike                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Bangert, Rick                                                                               LHS"1967"


Bann, Gene                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Becky


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 6

Barker, Carolyn (Hamm)                                                              LHS"1967"


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 7 


I have been with Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union for 22 years and have lived at the same address for the past 10 years.

I have two daughters: Jennifer Holley (Inland Cellular), husband Brett (Harrison Electric).  Julie Schleicher (full time mom and very part time social worker for CPS), husband Jason (owner of SBC Slings & Binders in Clarkston).  One son: Jacob (RN in Phoenix, AZ ), wife Michele (Coordinator of Wellness Education at Gateway Community College).

I have seven grandchildren ranging in age from (as of June 4) 5 months to17 years.   My oldest granddaughter will graduate from LHS in 2008- third generation.   Has it really been 40 years since we graduated?

My life has been fairly quiet for the past 10 years.  I attend church at Warner Alliance, spend time with family/friends and go 4-wheeling as often as I can. 

Barker, Judy (Elgee)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Basgen, Kathy (Kamenoff)                                                           LHS"1967"

Bausch, Carol (Corder)                                                                LHS"1967"

Bean, Linda (Schunk)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Behler, Bob                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Bensching, Ginny (Sorenson)                                                        LHS"1967"

Benscoter, Sherry (Smith)                                                             LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1 due in November


Kindergarten has been my profession since 1976.  I enjoy sharing the excitement and enthusiasm of learning with the kids.
Fortunately my family lives near by.  My parents maintain their ranch at Sweetwater and my son Tate and his wife SooLee live in Lewiston,  Tate is a Tech Prep Coordinator of Region 2 at LCSC.  SooLee also works for LCSC as their coordinator of new student recruitment.  They are expecting a baby in November and I am looking forward to being a granny.

Berg, Tony                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Berry, Marjorie Lynn                                                                    LHS"1967"

Berry, Patti (Miller)                                                                       LHS"1967"

Biddiscombe, Jeanette (Wolf)                                                       LHS"1967"

Bidlake, Paula (Tomlinson)                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Larry


Children: 3 sons

Grandchildren: 5 granddaughters & 1 grandson 


About a year after graduation I married Larry Tomlinson while he was still in the Navy.  We first lived in California and then moved to Illinois.  We moved back to California and while there we had our three sons.  After seven years of Navy life Larry got his discharge and we moved back to Lewiston.  Larry joined the State Police and we moved to Orofino where I worked at Snyder's.  After seven years in Orofino we moved back to Lewiston and I worked at the Big V Dept. Store until it closed 13 years later.  After that I was unable to work and we moved across town where we now live.   
We have five granddaughters and one grandson.  And as luck would have it we are raising the oldest granddaughter, so it goes to show you are never done with your kids.
 I may never live my dream, but I live for my dream.

Bishop, Dennis                                                                             LHS"1967"

Current name: Smeryl Beemish

Spouse: a couple


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 2

Bjustrom, Rene Fred                                                                    LHS"1967"


Blake, Joan (Jerman)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Bly, Cheryl (Welty)                                                                       LHS"1967"

Spouse: Steve


I am a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), managed medical Record Departments in a hospital and medical clinic. I've lived in Spokane, Seattle, and San Diego. My husband has a horse business.

Bohman, Janice                                                                            LHS"1967"

Bohman, Julia                                                                               LHS"1967"

Boulton, Dave                                                                              LHS"1967"

Brammer, Susan (Almieda)                                                           LHS"1967"

Brandsma, Kathy (Paul)                                                                LHS"1967"

Branting, Victoria (Arrasmith)                                                       LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 2


During high school, I was working as a carhop at Frost Top Drive Inn in Lewiston.  After graduation I continued my employment there until I met and married Larry Lehfeldt (Clarkston ’69).  A couple of years and one daughter later, the marriage ended.

In 1971 I attended LCSC and took some business classes.   LCSC sponsored a trip to Pullman to visit Washington State University.  While there, I met with the Human Resource Services Office and put in an application.  Within 2 weeks, I was hired into the Purchasing Office as a Clerk Typist.  Since that date, June 7, 1972, I have had the opportunity to experience all aspects of buying for a public institution of higher education and learn the processes and the politics of working as a State employee.  I am now Director of the department with a great staff that buys all the equipment, supplies and services required to keep the business and research of WSU running smoothly.

I commuted from Clarkston for many years but as gas prices rose, I made the decision to buy a small place in Albion Washington for my daughter and myself.  In 1982, I  remarried.  We relocated to the Clarkston Heights in the mid 80’s and I commuted to Pullman again until 2002 when the marriage ended and I moved to Pullman where I still reside.

I have one daughter, Shannon Garrett.  She lives in Puyallup with her husband Tom and my two grandchildren, Tyler 13 and Abby 9. My mother and 5 brothers, Steve, John, Ed, Tony and Wally, still live in Lewiston and one brother Randy in North Carolina.  Lost sister, Candy, to breast cancer a few years ago.

My free time has been spent travelling.  I began going to Mazatlan Mexico in the fall of 1995 and have travelled there every year since.  We also visited Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and San Felipe.  This fall I am travelling to Manzanillo for the first time before spending a few days in Puerto Vallarta and 2 weeks in Mazatlan.  Last July I took a cruise from Venice through the Greek Isles and Turkey.  An amazing experience!  Then in August my daughter and I took a 4 day Bahamas cruise from Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Another fun mother-daughter trip.  I spend long weekends with daughter’s family in Seattle area, some short trips to visit friends in Canada and fun flights to Nevada.  Fall weekends are spent watching the Cougs play football.

Retirement?  One would think after 35+ years, I’d be ready.  But……..I’m still learning something new every day and having fun.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and renewing old friendships.

Brimmer, Tom                                                                              LHS"1967"

Brotherton, Bruce                                                                         LHS"1967"


Bryne, Carol (Stickler)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Bullard, Marjorie (Lisenbee)                                                          LHS"1967"

Burkett, Janelle (Curtis)                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Dick


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 1


It was very convenient to attend the University of Idaho right up the hill. I was a Gamma Phi Beta, and had the time of my life. I also met my husband, Dick Curtis, who attended Orofino High School. We married in 1970 and moved to Lake Oswego, Oregon where he pursued a career of high school teacher and Athletic director for Lake Oswego High School  I taught 2nd and 4th grade for a number of years, and worked for Lewis and Clark College and Portland  State University as a student teacher supervisor of teachers in their fifth year. We had two children, Jeff and Jessica in 1974 and 1977. We thought we were on our way to freedom, when our little trailer, Kayte was born in 1987. What a surprise!!!

We now live on a golf course in Boise, and although my game is still suspect, we golf a lot. We are looking forward to doing some serious traveling, as Kayte just finished her first year at University of Idaho. She pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma, and she thinks she has died and gone to heaven. We have a family Ranch at the Anderson Ranch Subdivision out of Pine, Idaho, so enjoy going there to relax and work!

Although I moved to Lewiston in my junior year, I still have fond memories of LHS. I remember a watermelon raid on a farmer’s property across from the Paper Mill, and carried that watermelon across logs in the river to the other side. That is probably the most risky behavior I had entertained, until college! I was primed and ready to really have fun at the U of Idaho. Attached are pictures of my husband, and our three children. Thanks so much to the committee for their time and effort in making this Reunion possible.











It is with much regret that I will not be able to come to the Reunion. That date is the only one that both of my siblings are able to meet in Boise with me to discuss options for my ailing Mom.

I will be thinking of you all, and wish you a wonderful time. Again, thanks to the committee for all their work and time spent.


Burkett, Karin                                                                              LHS"1967"

Bybee, Mike                                                                                LHS"1967"

Callahan, Kent                                                                              LHS"1967"

 Spouse: Sue 

Campbell, Jan (Kelley)                                                               LHS"1967"  

Carlson, Stephen                                                                         LHS"1967" 

Carpentier, Mary (Panther)                                                           LHS"1967"

Carter, Gwen                                                                               LHS"1967"

Castor, Paula                                                                                LHS"1967"

Cate, Larry                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Ceske, Marilyn (Curtis)                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Tim


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 3    (1 grandchild deceased)


I was sorry to miss our 40th Class Reunion, it was the first one that I missed.  Our daughter, Tina, and family had previously planned a family camping trip on the Selway for that week.  And what fun we had, she hasn't been able to come camping with us for many years due to family situations. 
Tim and I have not left the valley.  I am still working for F M Blake and Associates, doing disability claims for adults.  Tim has been painting for 13 years until October 2005 when he lost his painting partner to death.  Since then he has been semi-retired.  I got him involved with my business writing cases for us. 
Our daughter, Tina, just turned 40 this September 2007!   She lives in Tigard, OR and has been married to Kent Nielsen for 15 years.  They have given us 3 wonderful grandsons, Zach age 13, Gabe age 11, and our little Benjamin who passed away January 2006.  He was a trauma birth and was 24/7 care his entire life of 4 years.  Tina just finished her 1st Marathon run in Portland in Oct 2007.
The last 10 years seem to have gone so fast!  Our interests still lie in powerwalking, exercising, camping, fishing and of course our wonderful grandchildren.   We are not world travelers, we like staying close to home, taking care of our home, yard, and garden.  I hope to be involved in our next class reunion.  Take care all and good health to you!!


Chamberlin, Joe                                                                            LHS"1967"

Charest, Sherry (Lombard)                                                           LHS"1967"

Charpentier, Karen (Davis)                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Rick


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 6


Rick and I have been married for 30 years.  I worked for Lewiston Orthopedic for 18 years, retired in December 2005.  Rick worked for the Port of Clarkston for 22 years retired in May 2006. 

We have three lovely daughters, Lynn lives in Alaska and have three children, Jenni lives in Nampa, Idaho and has two children, and Marci lives in Texas and has one child, our grandchildren are the light of our lives.

We have stayed very active with the Shriners, Rick will be Potentate in 2010.  We have also have been active with the local Chevy Club we have a 1956 Corvette and 1957 Chevy.

We love to travel when it is possible and enjoy our many acquaintances and friends.  We are looking forward to seeing all at the reunion.

Christophersen, Linda (Webb)                                                      LHS"1967"

Clark, Chris                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Linda


Children: 1


 I am just now retiring from the career in commercial building construction in Seattle that I have been pursuing since 1971.   I was a bachelor until I attended the 10 year reunion and ran into Clio DeCicio.  We were married in 1979.  Our son Greg is a glass blower, working full time in Seattle, and married.  Clio and I divorced in 1999, and a year later I married Linda McKay from the LHS class of 1968.  LHS girls are the best !!   We are both blessed with good health and are planning on spending a lot more time at our condo on Maui and traveling. 

Clark, Paulette (Zuehlke)                                                              LHS"1967"

Clausen, Greg                                                                               LHS"1967"

Clausen, Linda                                                                              LHS"1967"


Clayton, Anita (Rodrigues)                                                            LHS"1967"

Clifford, Richard                                                                          LHS"1967" 



Children: 2

As a high school freshman, I was fortunate enough to meet a sophomore who became my best friend and my future wife. I chased (courted? Stalked?) Vicki Meyer for 6 years, 8 months and 3 days before she finally slowed down long enough for me to catch her. We lived in Boise for the first 10 years of our married life where both of our sons (Robert and David) were born. During this time I attended Boise State University and worked as the Personnel Manager of Idaho’s Department of Revenue and Taxation. From 1979 to 1983, I worked as the Director of Personnel and Training an insurance company. In 1983, Vicki and I formed the investment firm that we continue to own and manage today: CA (Clifford Associates) Financial Services. Over the last 24 years, Vicki and I have developed an enjoyable clientele and business associates over a 12 state area.

As a Legal Specialist for an International Law Team, I also served in the United States Army Reserve for 26 years with a Judge Advocate General (JAG) Detachment. In this capacity I taught classes on the Geneva Convention, the Law-of-War, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice throughout the United States and in Europe. I also assisted in Criminal Investigations and Court-Martial cases.

I have always been active in church, community and professional organizations. I currently serve in the following capacities:

  • Idaho State Bar Association: Hearing Officer for the Professional Conduct Board, Appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of Idaho.
  • Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Air Posse: Search Pilot.  I obtained my Private Pilot’s license while attending BSU.
  • Clearwater Investors: Treasurer.
  • Clearwater Estate Planning Council: Member
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense: Regional Director, Idaho Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.
  • Symetra Investment Services: President’s Advisory Council
  • Willow Center for Grieving Children: Board Member
  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors: Idaho Field Practices (Ethics) Chairman.
  • Idaho Department of Insurance: Continuing Education and Test Review Committees.
  • Northwest Federation of Senior Citizens: Director
  • North Central Idaho Deanery: Representative to the Boise Diocese.
  • Lewiston Catholic Community Tri-Parish Council: Board Member
  • MENSA: Life Member

Clyde, Lorraine                                                                            LHS"1967"

Cole, Carol (Keller)                                                                      LHS"1967"


Collins, Richard                                                                            LHS"1967"


Conover, Dennis                                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Debbie


Children: combined family, 4 daughters

Grandchildren: 7 between us


After graduation I went to LCSC and graduated with a double major in elementary education. I played pro ball with Boston Redsox until I blew my arm. In 1973 I went to work for Hodgson Ford Tractor. I sold the business in 2006 and started working for Tumac Outdoor. I am presently developing this dealership. I married Debbie in 2006. Our combined family is two daughters on my side and two daughters on Debbie's side. We have 7 grandkids between us. We hunt and fish as much as possible.

Cook, Raeann (Curtis)                                                                  LHS"1967"


I have been lucky enough to be doing what I love doing since the mid 70's. I train horses and teach people how to work in the discipline/art of Dressage. I have trained and shown through the grand prix level in this sport. Since 1987 I have owned my own training facility in Colorado. The farm hosts educational clinics and seminars by top professionals in our industry. I also do a little judging and teaching away from here for shows and clinics hosted by others.
My facility consists of 41 acres, stabling for 14 horses and a 220'x80' indoor arena plus some out buildings.


Cooper, Shirley (Prince)                                                               LHS"1967"


Children: 1


 Moved to San Diego in 1970 shortly after the birth of my only child, Michael. Worked in Human Resources for Sea World and a company that manufactured backup tape cartridges for electronic data. While at the last job, also attended night school for 2 1/2 years to study plumbing. Became the first woman to graduate from the program. Had my own business "Ms. Fixit" for a number of years before moving to Portland for two years, and then in 1992 moved back to the Valley. It was great to re-connect with so many people that I had grown up with.

Michael (36) got married in March of 2005 to lovely South Carolinian Courtney. They live in Houston, TX where Michael is head of Internet Technology for an energy brokerage company. Enron was a former client.

In 2004 I reunited with my first love, Paul Crismon, who graduated from Clarkston in 1966. We have been together since, traveling between LA and the Valley.


Cooper, Susan                                                                             LHS"1967"




Grandchildren: 1


I was hoping to be back in the north west by the reunion date. We bought a little ranch (the old equestrian center for Cheney College) between Cheney and Spokane and the plan was to move this spring. My youngest daughter had a baby and her husband was diagnosed with two life changing illnesses in a two month span so we are staying here for at least another year as support for her. My oldest daughter and her husband are enjoying the ranch and we are living vicariously through them. We are so ready to be out of California! What used to be a 15 minute drive is now 45 minutes and every place you go is elbow to elbow people!
I am still a nurse and my husband is disabled. We have three boxer dogs who are also looking forward to the wide open spaces. I haven't had much time lately for hobbies. I remarried seven years ago then my daughters and step son all decided to get married one after another and start their families so work and family take most of my time. (I'm not complaining)
Our goal is to move to Cheney and hope our California kids follow us. We would like to have horses, the usual farm pets, a big garden and lots of friends and family around as much as possible.

Correll, Christine (Miller)                                                              LHS"1967"

Cox, Barbara                                                                               LHS"1967"


Cox, Bobbie (Hodge)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Alan


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 4


First of all I want to thank all our classmates who were brave enough to tackle the task of our 40th class reunion.  When I reflect back over the last 40 years, the first thing that comes to mind is "where did forty years go!"
I married in 1968.  We had two sons.  Chad is 35 and Travis is 33.  They have blessed me with four grandchildren and all live in Walla Walla.  Whom ever said 'love is better the second time around' must of had me in mind.  My husband Alan and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary this June.  It's been a great run for the roses.  We worked together for the Oregon Department of Correction for many years.  Alan was a couselor and I worked security.  I promoted to the rank of Sergeant and enjoyed my work in Adult Correction. We moved back to the valley in January 1994 when my husband retired.  I continued to work several years in Juvenile Correction until health problems forced me to retire.  We decided to remain in the valley to help my parents in their Golden years.  We have been very blessed as a family.  They will be celebrating their 70th anniversary on July 21 of this year. 
 I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Help me with names.  My mind isn't what it used to be!


Cox, Kathie (Wright)                                                                   LHS "1967"

Spouse: Gary


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 5


The myth has always been “Life Begins at 40” however, after turning 50, I all but gave up on that philosophy.  Now I know it wasn’t referring to age, but rather 40 years after graduation. Not saying that the past 40 years of my life hasn’t been good, but it took me that long to meet the Mr. “Right” in my life. The real story is sensational!   In summing things up to present time, I work in Management at UPS.  I have 2 sons, 5 grandchildren, and 1 spoiled poodle.  My husband Gary is an avid golfer… and he’s spoiled too.  He’s twice retired; navy and civil service.  We spend our leisure time together traveling in our motor home, camping, fishing, and 4-wheeling.  I feel very Blessed in life to have good health and a wonderful loving family with me including both my parents, Dad, 94 and Mom, 87.  I look forward to seeing everyone at our 40 year reunion.  Go Bengals!

Cox, Ken                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Coy, Jean (Skjelset)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Spouse: Doug   

Cravens, Stephen                                                                         LHS"1967"

Cridlebaugh, Jack                                                                         LHS"1967"

Significant Other:  Kristy Roberts


Children:  Bryan (31), Tori (29)

Awesome Grandkids:  Anna (5), Ozzy (2)



After graduation I spent 4 years with the Navy (2 yrs. fighter squadron, 2 yrs. helicopter combat support quadroon flying search and rescue).  Married and divorced a couple of times; have 2 kids and 2 awesome grandkids.  Officiated high school basketball for 27 years until my knees gave out.  Continue working on my cabin in Waha I began building in 1994.  I try to spend some time rafting the Salmon River, but now tee times are far and few between.  Enjoy every moment I can spend with my grandkids.  Still trying to draw that elusive Elk tag for the Waha area.  I’m self-employed, painting when I have to.  I’m a member of Nez Perce County Search and Rescue.  In my free time I enjoy snowmobiling, boating, 4-wheeling, fishing and hunting.

Curry, Steve                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Dalzen, Diane (Wilson)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Daniels, Sherri ( McMillen)                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Dick


Children: 2 daughters

Grandchildren: 1 granddaughter and a grandson on the way

Dau, Sarah (Benton)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Davis, Charlotte, (Barton)                                                             LHS"1967"


David, Lee                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Davis, Lennea                                                                               LHS"1967"

Dawson, Jim                                                                                 LHS"1967"

De Cicio, Cleo (Clark)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Dickamore, Lynn (Arnzen)                                                            LHS"1967"

Dickinson, Carol (Green)                                                              LHS"1967"

Spouse: Steve


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 3


After graduating from Lewis-Clark State College in 1971, I married Steve Green and moved to Boise, where we have lived for  36 years.  For the last 14 1/2 years I have been the technical editor for the Idaho Legislative Services Office, a nonpartisan bill drafting and research office.   Prior to that I  worked as a reference librarian and spent several years volunteering for the state and local soccer organizations, discovering how easy it is to get promoted when working in volunteer organizations!  Steve teaches electrical wiring at the private prison in Boise.  Our son and daughter-in-law, Travis and Torri and their daughter, live in Lewiston and our daughter and son-in-law, Trina and Ryan, live in Spokane.  Since our children have moved north and we have the cutest granddaughter ever in Lewiston, we are in northern Idaho whenever we have a chance.   It is difficult to sufficiently spoil a grandchild when we are 5 or 6 hours away so we have plans to move somewhere in northern Idaho when we retire in a few years. 

Dilday, Carolyn (Irwin)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Dodson, Julie (White)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Dryden, Gail (Cook)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Dumas, Brian                                                                                LHS"1967"

Dykes, Mary (Williams)                                                                LHS"1967"

Eastman, Norm                                                                            LHS"1967"

Ebel, Deanna (Malcom)                                                                LHS"1967"


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 1

Eckard, Genice                                                                             LHS"1967"

Eddy, John                                                                                  LHS"1967" 

Spouse: Becci


Children: 3

Edelblute, Mark                                                                            LHS"1967"


After graduation I went to Lewis Clark State and then on to Idaho, where I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in 1973. I worked for several years and saved money for travel which I did in 1977, traveling first to Europe and the Holy land, then across Asia to India, through SE Asia, Hong Kong and home via Hawaii, completing the orbit nine months later.  I returned to SE Asia with Brian Hensley in 1979 for several months. I currently live in Lewiston and am self employed doing mostly residential remodeling and repair work. I do not have any children but my siblings and their children have more than made up for any short coming I had in that department. I enjoy a little hunting, fishing and gardening with a good bottle of cab thrown in for good measure.

Ellenwood, Ray                                                                            LHS"1967"

Ellis, Larry                                                                                    LHS"1967"

Spouse: Diane


Children: 2 boys


After graduation I tried LCSC for a year.  It just wasn't for me.  I spent four years in the Air Force-including 18 months in Vietnam.  I extended in Vietnam, so I was able to take a 30 day trip to Europe. In 1973 I was hired by the Postal Service and I have been with them since.  I worked 15 years in the Lewiston office and for the last 19 years I have been the Postmaster of Ponderay, Idaho.
In 1977 I met my wife at a Washington State square dance convention in Spokane.  We danced for 25 years. During that time we attended 5 National square dance conventions and were chairmen for 2 Idaho State Festivals.  We modeled at the '94 National Square dance convention style show in Portland.
Diane and I were married in 1978.  We have two boys:   Matthew is 28 and is married to Laura and Darin is 26 and is not married.  Matt works at Tomlinson Sandpoint- Sotheby's International Realty in Sandpoint as their IT coordinator.  Darin works year around at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort here in Sandpoint.
Diane teaches first grade for Lake Pend Oreille School District.
We enjoy attending sporting events.  These include many high school football games, 3 NCAA Final Four basketball tournaments and 10 NAIA World Series tournaments.
Our favorite vacation spot is Maui.  We have made 3 trips there in the past 4 years plus a trip to Oahu.  We have traveled twice a year to Michigan to visit Diane's family and taken in states close to there.
I plan to retire next April and spend more time in Hawaii.

Ellis, Leland                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Elzea, Bill                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Elzea, Juday (Willoughby)                                                             LHS"1967"

Eng, Bill                                                                                        LHS"1967"

Engle, Brian                                                                                  LHS"1967"


Epley, Linda (Teats)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Erickson, Robert Lee                                                                    LHS"1967"

Erickson, William Allan                                                                 LHS"1967"

Eubank, Margaret (Myers)                                                           LHS"1967"

Evans, Diane                                                                                LHS"1967"

Fairbrother, Jim Leroy                                                                  LHS"1967"

Fairley, Carolyn (Schneider)                                                         LHS"1967"

Farthing, Shelley (Stiles)                                                                LHS"1967"

Feeney, Mike                                                                               LHS"1967"

Spouse: Marilyn


Children: 2 

Fetters, Warren                                                                           LHS"1967"  

Fisher, Jace                                                                                 LHS"1967"  

Fisher, Larry                                                                                LHS"1967" LHS"1967"                 

Flatt, Betty (Crocker)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Everett


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3


I have been happily married to Everett for the past 36 years.  In October 2005 Everett retired from truck driving and two weeks later I retired from ATK after 26 years.


We have 3 grown children; Dale & wife Diane live in Arizona he works for a pool service in Phoenix   Diane gave me three step grandchildren and one great grandchild.   Jeanette and husband Eric live here in Lewiston and both work at ATK, she is in the International Sales Dept. and he is in the Machine Shop and also are the parents of our three grand children, Alex, Rachel, & Dylan.  Dave & wife Bonni live in Lewiston, he works at Potlatch in the Machine Shop and they also own Scruples Hair and Nail Salon. 


Everett and I have always loved cars.  In the seventies we Drag Raced a 66 Chevelle and a 68 Chevelle in Spokane, every week we would work on the cars and then drag them up the hill to Spokane.  Now we are in the local Chevy Club and own a 1970 Corvette and a 1957 Chevy (currently being restored).  In the summer time we are gone every weekend either to a car show or a drag race (as spectators). 

Ford, Doug                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Forkner, Nancy (Everhart)                                                            LHS"1967"

Forsman, Chuck                                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Joann

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 1

Foster, Don                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Connie 


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 4

Frank, Marvin                                                                              LHS"1967"

Fraser, Elaine (McLaughlin)                                                          LHS"1967"

Frei, Doug                                                                                    LHS"1967"

Fugate, Candy (Elwood)                                                               LHS"1967"

Fugate, Larry                                                                                LHS"1967"

Fuller, Patsy (Greber)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Gabby, Steven                                                                              LHS"1967"

Gage, Patti (Borjesson)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Spouse: deceased


Children: 4 (2 girls,2 boys)

Grandchildren: 1 (girl)

Gaiser, Carol (Coleman)                                                               LHS"1967"

Garrison, Gary                                                                              LHS"1967"

George, Angela (Rabitoy)                                                             LHS"1967"

Spouse: Tom

My husband, Tom and I have been married 36 years, we enjoy taking walks for exercise, going to the Oregon beach. I worked for 33 years at a department store in Oregon called Meird Franks. Have retired, enjoy being home, we plan on traveling, my husband will be retiring in 2 years.

George, Mary (Rydeen)                                                                LHS"1967"

Gessener, Sandra                                                                         LHS"1967"

Gibbins, Melvin (Eddie)                                                                LHS"1967"

Gibson, Pam (Clark)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Glass, betty (Baker)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Goodwin, Virgil (Bud)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Grayson, Mike                                                                             LHS"1967"

Greene, Patty (Stevens)                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Lloyd (deceased)


Children: 2      
Grandchildren: 5        
I have been living in Lewiston since 1993.  My husband Lloyd passed away of cancer so I came back to live in the house that I grew up in.  We had farmed and raised cattle from 1970 till 1993.
It was a new chapter in my life.  I am retired from school bus driving and spend most of my time with my 5 grandchildren.  My daughter Holli has 3 boys and lives in Lewiston.  My son Brady lives in Seattle and has 1 boy and 1 girl. 
The years have certainly gone by but I'm taken aback at the thought of it being 40 years since I graduated. 
It will be fun seeing the classmates and learning about their life. 
My hobbies are interior and exterior design.  Lots of projects going on all the time. 
Walking on the levee is also my pastime!
See you all soon.

Grimoldby, Molly (Reany)                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Mark


Children: 3 of my own and 1 stepdaughter

Grandchildren: 1 of my own and 3 step-grandchildren


 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Molly (Grimoldby) Reaney


I have spent most of my adult life living in Oregon anywhere from Portland, The Dalles, LaGrande and Cove.  All of my kids are Oregonians.


In 1990, I met my husband, Mark, and he’s been the only guy tough enough to put up with me for all these years so he’s stuck with me still!  Bless his big ol’ heart.  He’ll be cooking at the Reunion BBQ on Friday night so be sure to introduce yourself and give him your condolences.


In 1997, Mark & I wanted to have a place closer to my old parents and bought a parcel of land with a new, small, home on it 7 miles outside of Kamiah, Idaho.  We moved there permanently in 2000. The place is off the grid (not “plugged in” to the utility company), has no phone, no T.V. reception, no Internet.  We did get N.P.R.  for a couple of years but the tower has been moved so it’s old tapes and C.D.’s for entertainment there. That, and I bought a pair of tap shoes, so occasionally I have to put them on and dance an Irish jig around the house!


In 2005, we bought a house in Lewiston, with my now 90 year old mom.  That works out well for Mark who is an engineer for the Nez Perce Tribal Fisheries and works at Sweetwater.  I, on the other hand, had to change jobs.  I tried being a “house-daughter/wife” but it seems that I’m not really cut out for staying home that much.  Now I manage the medical office for Dr. John Kundrat, an opthamologist & eye surgeon in Lewiston.


Mark also teaches motorcycle safety for the Idaho STAR program and officiates for AMA superbike races around the country during the summer.

class=Section2> My oldest son, Jason, is an intellectual properties attorney in Washington, D.C. He & his wife, Amy, have our 16 year old grandson, Chris, and two grand dogs.


Mark’s daughter, Lacy, inherited 3 boys when she got married 2 years ago.  She is working toward a degree in early childhood development (that might come in very handy with 3 boys).


Son, Bjorn, attends OSU in Corvallis.  He is a smoke jumper in the summer.  He’s a tri-athlete for Oregon State University and is on the OSU rugby and  logging sports teams. 


Daughter, Montana Rose, is a sergeant in the Army Reserve; just completed her Associate Degree at Mt. Hood CC and will work toward her bachelor’s in fisheries biology at U of I next year.


My hobbies:  puttering around my yard & garden, thrift store shopping & recycling old stuff. 


Which reminds me of how OLD one has to be to get excited about having their ID checked at the thrift store on Senior Discount Day!!

Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Grunthal, Patti (Whitbeck)                                                            LHS"1967"

Gulstrom, Bill                                                                                LHS"1967"

Hagglund, Diane (Stevens)                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Mark


The highlight of my last 10 years is retirement! In 2003 I had worked for the State of Washington for 30 Years. We decided to give retirement a try and do some traveling. Our first trip took us to Florida and 17 other states. We spend 9 months of the first year living and traveling in our motor home. We marveled at the many wonderful sights in each state and visited friends and family along the way. We have spent part of each winter in Arizona: meeting new friends and enjoying the sunny, warm weather. Two years ago we decided we were tired of the rain on the west side of the state so sold our place in Olympia and bought lots just outside of Spokane. Last year we overcame the challenges of developing the lots and are now enjoying a home and large shop/garage, and the many wild life that wander by from time to time.

Haight, Jan (Donnelly)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Tom


Children: 2

Hall, Aaron                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Hall, Kathryn Jean (Cruthids)                                                        LHS"1967"

Halsey, Terri (Alla)                                                                       LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 3


When my family moved to Lewiston I was so used to not being anywhere for very long that I never even considered that we would stay for several years.  Through my life we moved so much I cannot even tell you the grade schools I attended and friends that I lost.  Lewiston was the turning point in my life; this class gave me the first home I had ever known.

Since graduation I have raised my wonderful son Monte who recently married and has a new lovely family.  My new grandkids are a joy and I miss them now that Monte and his family have relocated to the Phoenix area just last month.  There is Adrien (19), Brendan (14) and Caillean (10).  My son doesn’t know what to do with his wife and mother getting along so well.  I don’t know, could he be worried about all those great stories I have of his childhood?


My career has taken many turns over the years with jobs that have included bellydance performer/instructor; conference coordinator; real estate agent; many office professions, to name a few.  I have owned several businesses and had fun doing so.  Currently I enjoy working at Bellevue Community College in the International Student Programs area.  Working with students from all over the world is engaging and exciting, I am learning to say “hello” in different languages.  Showing wide-eyed students around the Puget Sound area has given me a new perspective on the American way of doing things versus the rest of the world.  Try explaining clogging, willow furniture, face painting and Cajun food to two students from Korea who barely speak English.


I was married, and divorced, twice so I am taking the easy route and staying single.  No jokes about old ladies with cats (I have 3 Pixie-Bob cats) since I do not consider myself old.  Apparently I am good at scrapbooking and have won national contests with some of my pages.  Now I teach scrapbooking and host events at my house once a month or so where crafts of all kinds are welcomed.  Cake decorating is still a part of my life.  I have won awards with my entries, trained with some wonderful people and been in international showcases.  Watching the Food Channel is an experience since I have trained with or partied with a lot of the people I see there.  Can’t get used to seeing people I know on TV.


Life is fun and I intend to make the most of this time, and that includes spending time with my former classmates again.  See you there!


Photo – Star Wars.  My son and new family take me to the opening of Star Wars III.  My son and I attended the original Star Wars at least 9 times in the 1970’s.

Photo – T1  - me in 1976

Photo – DSC – 89   2004 me at Software Conf in Denver.


Halstead, Brenda (Dammarell)                                                      LHS"1967"

Hamilton, Jewell (Behler)                                                              LHS"1967"


Children: 3


My Spouse
My first husband I meet thru Linda Teats or Epley was her name in high school. My second husband I meet on the internet.

My Pets
I have two kittens that are spoiled rotten. They like to be held and loved like babies.

My Job
I work for Big Lots as a supervisor in Stocking.

Hamm, Steve                                                                                LHS"1967"

Hanchett, Kathy (Peters)                                                              LHS"1967"

Spouse: Jim


Children: 2 and 2 stepchildren

Grandchildren: 3 and 3 stepchildren           


I live in Clarkston, Washington with my husband, Jim, 2 dogs, Dexter and Hermione, and 2 cats, Bart & Teasa. Between my husband and me we have 4 children. I have 2 daughters and he has 2 sons. We have 6 grandchildren, 3 boys and 3 girls. What fun they are! I worked at Potlatch Corp. for 21 years. I am now retired and enjoying every moment. Some of my hobbies include walking, quilting, fishing on the Snake up the Hells Canyon. However my husband accuses me of being quilting monster. Which is probably true.

Hanson, Debra Sue                                                                      LHS"1967"

Harlow, Karen Lee (Bishop)                                                         LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 2

Harvey, Evelyn (Naccarato)                                                          LHS"1967"

Spouse: Michael


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 4  

Hathaway, Charley                                                                       LHS"1967"

Spouse: Bonnie


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 1


As our son, Jack, said, "Just blood in this picture!"  (Our two sons-in-law gladly handled the camera.)  From the left, son, Jack, 25; daughter, Mandy, 30; daughter, Lindsey, 28; my wife of 35 years, Bonnie; our four-month-old grandson, Bryden, (Mandy's son); and me, 58 years old, but trying not to act it too often.

     I've worked in sales, procurement and supply chain management for over 30 years.  For the last 17 years, I've been with Georgia-Pacific responsible for procurement in our four-paper-mill NW region.  When you use Brawny and Angel Soft... think of me!     

     We like to snow and water ski, play golf and work on the house a lot.  For the last five years, I've played guitar.  It's really hard!  Everyone says my singing is sick, but better than my brother John's.  I'll try to bring him to the reunion to prove it!    

     I met Kent Callahan and his wife, Sue, yesterday in Portland… reminded me of what special people we have in our class.  Look forward to seeing everyone at our 40th  reunion! 

Hawkins, Gary                                                                             LHS"1967"

Hawley, Karen (Larson)                                                               LHS"1967"

Haynes, Christopher Dale                                                             LHS"1967"

Heinle, Darrell                                                                              LHS"1967"

Hensley, Brian                                                                              LHS"1967"

Spouse: Donna


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1


I have been working for the Clearwater National Forest since 1978 and will

retire in 2007. It has been a satisfying career with many good memories and

very few bad ones. I moved back to Lewiston in 1991, bought a house on Normal Hill, and got married in 2001. It feels like I have come full circle to be back in the valley. It is funny that when I was 18, I couldn't wait to leave Lewiston and now it really feels like home. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Hepburn, Bill                                                                                LHS"1967"


Herring, Jean (Ring)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Herring, Lynn (Van Thiel)                                                             LHS"1967"

Spouse: William Van Thiel (deaceased)


Children: 2  

Hesler, Patsy (Clark)                                                             LHS"1967"


Children: none (one yellow lab named Sadie)


What I have been doing since 1967.....emphasis on the past ten years:

I've lived and worked in Alaska Since 1970. I enjoyed a variety of jobs (including five years in Prudhoe Bay) retiring in 2005 after 18 years in administration at the Anchorage Police Department.

I got married for the first time in 2003.......what was I thinking??????? My dog and I now live peacefully in a small cabin off the grid in the remote interior of Alaska. Although winters are "challenging," the summers and the beauty of Alaska make it all worth it. Spending each January in Mexico really helps also.    (Patsy & Sadie at Cabin Clear Sky Alaska). My plans are to stay in Alaska as long as my health holds out, then maybe move back to Lewiston (or some place warmer) at least for the winters.

In my spare time I enjoy the challenge of arctic gardening, quilting and trying to learn a little Spanish.                            

Higbee, Lucy (Rice)                                                                      LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1

Hill, Rebecca (Cowan)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Spouse: John


Children: 2 sons: Bryan (37), Brent (33)

Grandchildren: 4 (3 off which are triplets)

Hobson, Shelle (Giles)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: K. William


Children: 4

Grandchildren: 4

Hoff, Eric                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Holloway, Linda (Washburn)                                                        LHS"1967"

Spouse: Merle


Children: 3 remaining 1 deceased

Grandchildren: 5


I have had a daycare in my home for 30 plus years. I am watching kids of kids.

My love in life is my family. I am involved in my church and have several duties there. I shoot trap and skeet occasionally and love to travel, especially cruises when time and money permit.

Holt, Randy                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Patricia


Children: 2

Holterman, Tina (Rice)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Hopkins, Linda (Caulfield)                                                            LHS"1967"

Hosley, Eddie                                                                               LHS"1967"

Spouse: Joann


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3

Hosley, Pam (Kuther)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Hovey, Patrick                                                                             LHS"1967"

Howard, Bruce                                                                             LHS"1967"

Howard, Terry                                                                             LHS"1967"

Hughes, Dale                                                                                LHS"1967"

Hutcheson, Ricky                                                                         LHS"1967"


Hyde, Linda                                                                                 LHS"1967"


Ingram, Linda                                                                               LHS"1967"

Jarussi, Gene                                                                                LHS"1967"

Jenkins, Patty (Pratt)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Johnson, Henry David                                                                   LHS"1967"


Johnson, Diane (Ocequera)                                                           LHS"1967"

Johnson, Doug                                                                              LHS"1967"

Johnson, Eric Norman                                                                  LHS"1967"

Johnson, Richard                                                                          LHS"1967"

Johnston, Robert                                                                          LHS"1967"

Spouse: Kathy


Children: 2-Scott Johnston & Darci Allert

Grandchildren:4-Cameron & Kaitylyn Johnston, Shayna & Payton Allert

Jones, Barbara (Korsch)                                                               LHS"1967"

Jones, Gary                                                                                  LHS"1967"


"Since the last reunion 20 years ago I retired from the Air Force.  I went back to school earning my second degree in Industrial Electricity and am currently employed as an Electrician Forman at Haakon Industries in Cheney, WA.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend."

Jones, Kenneth                                                                             LHS"1967"

Jones, Roy                                                                                   LHS"1967"


I have been retired now for the last three years. I have had several operations to try to fix the first one. I am on disability and live in Idaho again. I left Lewiston in 1974 and returned in 2002. I am happy with what I have and do enjoy fishing still. Cannot hunt much anymore because of limitations. Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Jungert, Shelley                                                                             LHS"1967"

Kaisaki, Fred                                                                               LHS"1967"

Spouse: Wan Hasmah


I finally got married four years ago (2003) and retired this year (2007).

I have moved to Spokane and am building a home on an

acreage, just north of Spangle. My wife (Wan Hasmah) and I are enjoying retirement.  Without children we plan on traveling. I plan on fly fishing more and improving my golf game. Right now I'm writing simple programs for my golf league to keep scores for tournaments to keep my mind active. If anyone is interested in an Excel spreadsheet to handle score keeping, I can email a copy. I plan on attending the reunion and hope to see you there.

Karki, Lon                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Kaufman, Mike James                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Phyllis


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3


I worked in heavy construction for 6 years 1977-1984 and the farming industry before and since.

Keller, Patti                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: deceased


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1


Our 40th, can you believe it!


It certainly has been a life changing 10 years for me since our last reunion. I was blessed with a grandson, Trevor in 2000 (see photo of Trevor and my son Troy). 2005 brought incredible sadness when my husband Steven died.


I'm not sure how 2007 got here so fast, but it's here and with it our 40th reunion. Bless all of you on the committee for your time and efforts. Does anyone remember the 1966 Journalist's Conference at U of I ?

I remember sneaking out of the dorm but forgot who I was with??? I look forward to re-connecting with all of you.

Kelley, Doug                                                                                LHS"1967"

Kennedy, Mary Kay (Goldner)                                                     LHS"1967"

Kennedy, Mike                                                                            LHS"1967"

Kimbrel, C.E. (Gene)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Diana


Children: 1 son


Hello All,

  Forty years is quite a bit of catch up.

  Hope I can do it justice.

  After graduation, I attended the U of I for three years.  In 1970, I transferred to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I graduated a year later and along with my diploma,  I received a letter from Uncle Sam inviting me to join the Army. Being accustomed to sleeping in beds and eating regularly, I promptly visited the Air Force recruiter who

had a quota to make. Back dating my application to the Air Force was a simple stroke of the typewriter. After OTS, I was sent to Columbus, Mississippi for undergraduate pilot training. I met this lovely young lady of the meager age of 20. We met in mid-November of 73,engaged in mid-December 73, and married 5 January 74. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  Soon after we spent a year in Charleston, S.C. before being sent to Okinawa, then classified as Southeast Asia.  We spent 3 years there and our son was born on 21 January 78.  When I called the states and passed the good news, it was 20 January stateside and happened to be one of his grandpa’s birthday.  Needless to say, we celebrated our son’s birthday on the 20th for several years.

  After Okinawa, we were reassigned to the Philippines.  At the end of this tour, we felt we had seen enough of SEA and we left the active duty Air Force for civilian life.   We found ourselves in Concord, California, working for Gannet Media organization in the Bay area.

   After three years, Gannet would not relocate me to a small town, so we took a job full time with the Reserves. We lived in Fairfield, California (from 1983-1994) where we planted ourselves for 11 years. As a full-time reservist, our status was government civil service M-F and reservist on the weekends.

  In 1994, we were given an opportunity to go to England.   We lived in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk County.  We were located approximately 30 miles due east of Cambridge and 60 miles NE of London.  This was absolutely great.  We visited most of Europe on our holidays and enjoyed our five years very much.

  In the mean time, our son was a junior in high school when we transferred to England.  He graduated from Lakenheath High School in 1996.  He left us in England for New England. He attended Worchester Polytechnical Institute for his undergraduate work in Aerospace Engineering and his masters’ degree from MIT in Aerospace Engineering, Propulsion.  He and his wife Melissa live in Gilbert, AZ, just 15 miles east of Phoenix. They are doing great and recently told us they are making us grandparents in February 08.  Too proud!!!!!!

  After England, we were transferred to Southwestern Illinois, just across the river from St Louis, Mo.  From 1999 until October 05, I spent most of my time globe trotting for the DoD anglicizing transportation nodes worldwide.  I retired 30 October 05 and returned to the valley.  My wife and I have built our home in Forest, Idaho,

less than ½ mile from the Forest Salon.   All are welcome.

Gene and Diana Kimbrel

Koethke, Fred                                                                              LHS"1967"

Kole, Janie (Peterson)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Konen, Sharon                                                                             LHS"1967"

Kytonen, Toni (Stufft)                                                                   LHS"1967"


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 1

Lafollette, Kathryn A.                                                                   LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Lalonde, Eric L.                                                                            LHS"1967"


Children:                 1 son, Michael Ryan

Grandchildren:         2 grandsons, Keegan and Patrick

Lane, Michaelyn (Rasmusson)                                                       LHS"1967"

Lang, Donita (Skinner)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Larson, Marilyn (Meng)                                                                LHS"1967"

Lazelle, Mike                                                                                LHS"1967"

Leach, Emily T. (Diaz)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: deceased


Children: 2  (Tim & Gina)

Lee, Sue                                                                                       LHS"1967"

Lefebre, Danny                                                                             LHS"1967"


Lewis, Dennis                                                                               LHS"1967"

Liedke, Duane                                                                              LHS"1967"

Light, Jim                                                                                      LHS"1967"

Spouse: Cappy


Children between us: 5

Grandchildren: 10


Jim Light , I have been a contractor for 37 years residential and commercial building.

I married Cappy Bickford in 2000, between us we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.
We are an avid outdoor recreation family fishing, hunting, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling and jet boating on the Snake river.
Life is good.

Linkhart, Glenn                                                                             LHS"1967"


Lisenbee, Steve                                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Christine


Children: 2


We decided to write our bios together because most of what we have to write about has been shared between us.  We were married four years after high school.  Steve Lisenbee and Chris Adams - who would have guessed!  We have two children.  Our son lives in Phoenix and teaches at ASU.  We just returned from sitting with our granddogs while he and his wife were in Ireland.  Our daughter lives in Las Vegas and is getting married next May.  She's a nurse at Sunrise Hospital.  We visit "Sin City" at least once a year.  Steve's daughter lives in Idaho and has a daughter of her own. 

     We live between Clarkston and Asotin and spend most of our time keeping up the homestead.  We also love looking for antiques and go to auctions every chance we get.

     Chris has been teaching first grade in Asotin for the past 18 years.  She also taught in Lewiston before the children were born.  Steve has been in the Army National Guard for 37 years and will retire this summer.  He'll probably find something else to do for awhile.  He has just recently been sent back home from Boise where he worked for the last four years in the Guard.  We didn't object too much since he didn't deploy with the rest of Idaho for Iraq.  But he's home now and it will be nice to get back to our routine. 

     We hope to retire like most of the rest of you in two years and do whatever retired people do.  We're looking forward to seeing many of you for the first time in years.

Litchfield, Amelia Rose (Ruf)                                                        LHS"1967"

Litchfield, Don                                                                             LHS"1967" 

Spouse: Vona


Children: 2   Kirk, age 27    Neil, 25  

Lockard, Fern                                                                              LHS"1967"

Longfellow, Nancy (Cutrumbes)                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Dick


Children: 4

Grandchildren: 5



I see so many names I would like to get in touch with, so please send me email that I will know who it is from. My husband (Dick) and I have four children, the youngest being 27, one boy and three girls. All doing great and living in their own homes. I have five great, wonderful grandchildren and one on the way. Two of my girls were great gymnasts and went on to nationals and one in college broke the record on vault and is all American and is now in the Hall of Fame. The other one, was the state champ on floor and beam and also an all star. My son played baseball for awhile and now is working in our company, which is construction, we own our business and of course, I do all the books, FUN. My other daughter played basketball in high school. I have been coaching gymnasts now for 24 years and am head coach of the high school team for 18 years. I have been coach of the year six times, the team has been league champs about 15 times and state champs one year. All in all, I like kayaking, horse riding and playing with my grandchildren. Just don't like this getting old thing. Miss talking to everyone. Retired from high school coaching this year, was very hard to do. I will miss it.

Lookabill, Marvin Douglas                                                            LHS"1967"

Loughney, Bridget                                                                        LHS"1967"

Lugar, Mark                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Spouse: Diane

Luvaas, Delores (Garrison)                                                           LHS"1967"

Mabry, Leray                                                                               LHS"1967"

Mackey, Margot                                                                          LHS"1967"

Malcom, Bill                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Significant Other: Donna (Schock) Anderson


Children: 2 son & daughter    1 step-daughter, 1 step-son

Grandchildren: 2


Hello everyone. Funny how time flies when you are having fun. Currently I am working at the family funeral home in Lewiston as the manager and a funeral director. I moved back to Lewiston in July of 2004 from Gresham, Oregon where I had been for 14 years working as an instructor and the Director of a program of Funeral Service Education.
I am very Lucky to live with Donna (Schock) Anderson, with whom I just bought a house in Lewiston. Looks like we'll be sharing the morning news for a long time to come.
Besides Donna and her great family, including two grand sons, I have been blessed with a son and daughter Quince Hugh Malcom (1969) and Misty A. (Malcom) Churchill (1972), and her family Dean and step-daughter the awseome Diedra. I also have a step-son Scott Cary (1978), who is doing well and living large in the Portland area.
As a hobby, I bought a little sail boat with Dick McMillen (Sherri Daniels hubby). He and I have been learning the ropes. Besides that we have taken regular bare boat trips in to the Desolation Sound area for several years. That will have to wait a couple of years until we get the house squared away. When we do, we will have a little house warming.
I look forward to seeing everyone.


Manwaring, Kathleen M. (Steinwand)                                           LHS"1967"


Children: 4

Grandchildren: 4

Markham, Larry                                                                           LHS"1967"


Marlow, Prudy (Edwards)                                                            LHS"1967"

Martin, Vicki (Greene)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Massey, Diane (Upchurch)                                                           LHS"1967"

Master, Rose (Castillo)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Spouse: Jose


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 7

After graduation, I briefly attended Ricks College in Rexburg.  There I met the town "bad boy"  and to the amazement of everyone (including us) we have been together ever since.  I married Jose in December of 1967.  Since then we have been to nearly every state in the union and   lived for nine years in Europe.  We have raised two terrific kids.  Our daughter Tina is a First Sergeant in the Army and our son Jose Luis is a Captain in the Marine Corp.  Our son graduated Kansas State University cum laude with a degree in International Finance.  Our daughter will graduate next year with a degree in secondary education from Texas Tech. (This is in addition to raising her family and her full time career in the Army.)  We have seven grandkids -- two granddaughters and five grandsons.  Three are adopted.

While living in Europe, I worked for European Stars and Stripes, a career that I dearly loved.    We now live in Kansas.  On our return stateside, I worked for a year in the school district before deciding that, while my kids were pretty cool, I really don't like kids as a rule, so I left there and went to work in the rail industry.  I work for a company that builds specialty railcars.  I am in charge of all material procurement and cost accounting for our plant.  I never thought I would enjoy this type pf work, but I love it.  There is something special about producing a quality product and knowing that the work I have done played a large roll in making that product exceed industry standards.  We have just completed a run of refrigerated boxcars for Tropicana Products.  They have been displayed prominently in Tropicana's television advertising.


My husband is retired from the Army where he served proudly for 26 years.  He now owns his own contracting business.  We are active members of our parish, the St. Xavier's school board, the Democratic Party, and the local United Way board. 
 We are determined to stay as active and as focused on the future as possible -- to that aim, I have decided to back to school and have been attending Kansas State University.  I have no degree goals.  My goal is learn everything I can about everything I can.  We believe that by staying active and continuing the learning process, we can ward off old age and our own mortality.

While I must admit that I have few good memories of LHS, I will also admit that my years there prepared me for the outside world.  The times we lived through, i.e., the sixties influenced me greatly.  I took the precepts of questioning authority and the concept of social justice very seriously and I see those lessons being perpetuated through my kids and grandkids. 

Masters, Susan (Rognstad)                                                           LHS"1967"

Mathes, Suzanne (Newland)                                                         LHS"1967"

Mathews, Tom                                                                             LHS"1967"

Spouse: Leslie


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3


Tom Mathews:  Married to Leslie-19;  Sons- Andy-36, Paul-24 and Dan-22; Grandsons- Luke 5, Blake 3 and Jack, .125 years.
We have lived in Edmonds, WA for 26 years of the 30 years I have been in the Seattle area. For 25 of those years I have commuted into downtown Seattle while working in real estate development and construction. I have been the general manager of Walsh Construction, a mid-sized contractor, for the last 16 years. I guess the way to characterize my career is that I have tried my best to block out the few remaining views while adding to our traffic woes and contributing to global warming. During that time I have found it to be both my pleasure and at times my frustration to compete directly with Chris Clark's company. Go figure. Like most of the rest of us, my years have been filled with raising a family and all that goes with having three sons. School, sports, vacations, traffic court and a few late night calls from, oh,  never mind. Now we have three grandsons to keep us invigorated and young. They promise to keep us as entertained as their father(s).
I have stayed connected to Lewiston all these years through family and good friends, like Mike Feeney. When Leslie and I retire, an event not too far in the future, we intend to spend some of our time in the comfortable confines of the Valley. I look forward to reconnecting with more of you, as time permits. I'd like my golf average to be no more that twice my age or half my weight. I'd love to share a bag of peanuts at a Warrior's game and reminisce about some of the imaginary athletic exploits of our youth. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year's reunion and thanks to all of you who are toiling to arrange what will be a good time.

Matlock, Steve                                                                             LHS"1967"

Spouse: Jenny


Children: 5

Grandchildren: 3


Caption for the photo:    Steve at home with his Jeepster, they are both 58 years old.


I left the newspaper business in 1986 after acquiring or building out a number of weekly newspapers, a radio station, and an independent TV station in California that sank that entrenpruenial effort.  I gingerly moved into telecommunications, a field I knew virtually nothing about, as a “front” buyer of companies for a large cable & telecom company.  


 In the late 1980s I founded Fone Mexico with a group of partners to provide international long distance operator services to Mexican resorts.  That was a good enterprise that functioned well and profitably until Telemex disconnected our lines one day (and those of our competitors) accusing our small industry of operating illegally in Mexico.  Oops, and that took care of that.


 I founded the Selway Group in 1992, a company I continue to own and manage today (  Where did that name come from?  You know.  Selway built and operated telephone company call centers and customer help centers in Mexico City where I lived for 5 years (26 million Mexicans and me -- it was great fun).  I moved back to the U.S and the Phoenix area in 1999 to marry Jenny.   Selway has evolved over the years, and now mostly provides internet-based telephone call carriage and networks to telecommunications users such as AT&T and Qwest, and to off-shore call centers that use our networks to connect into the U.S.  We are also are starting to build-out a private-labeled retail customer base in China using our telecom network, switching infrastructure and some interesting partnerships.  Bottom-line, it’s all advanced technology-based communications and continues to be fascinating, evolutionary, entrepreneurial, very challenging, and lots of fun. 


Jenny & I have been married for 8 years; we have 5 kids in our blended family and a few g-kids too.  The grandkids are mostly her focus, while I generally spend my time looking after the company.   All of the kids except one live nearby in the Phoenix metro area, and we usually see them all on the weekends.  We live in Mesa where we complain about the heat each summer and continually threaten to move back North -- which we never do, of course.  We did visit Lewiston last fall, the first time for Jenny and the first time in 27 years for me.  We made the very surprising observation that maybe the Valley wouldn’t be a such bad place to retire, with a hell of a lot less population and generally a lot cooler than the Arizona desert – but that won’t happen:  i) I’m never going to retire, I claim, and ii) when I left the Boise area in the late 1980s after almost 20 years there, I said I wouldn’t live again, at least in the winter, in a place where palm trees don’t grow. 

Matton, Chris, (Hogan)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Maupin, Linda (Bauer)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Maxey, Lonnie                                                                             LHS"1967"


May, Linda (Roach)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Spouse: Howard


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1


Here is a recent sailing photo adventure taken in the San Juan Islands. I have lived in Spokane for the last 27 years, married, 1 child,(32 years old son) and a 5 year old granddaughter. Worked as a controller of a restaurant chain for 22 years, then gave myself a year off 6 years ago to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up and ended up in the real estate business. I am looking forward to this reunion. My how time fly's. Thank all of you for the time you have spent putting this together.


McCallum, Michael                                                                      LHS"1967"

Spouse: Peggy


Children: 2

McCann, Dennis                                                                           LHS"1967"

McCormick, Paula (Bowman)                                                      LHS"1967"

McDowell, Steve                                                                          LHS"1967"

McKinney, Judy (Anderson)                                                         LHS"1967"

McLellard, Kathryn                                                                      LHS"1967"


McManus, Jim                                                                              LHS"1967"

Mendenhall, David                                                                        LHS"1967"

Miles, G. Darrell                                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Yvonne Miles


Children: 2

I spent four years in the Air Force.  After getting out I went back to college and obtained an Associate degree in  Consumer Electronics and BA in  Management.  I worked in electronics for seven years.  I went to work for the Federal Government in1982.  In 1992 my spouse and I  moved to the Seattle area for four years.  In 1996  we moved to Albany Oregon and I worked in Eugene Oregon for nine years.  I took early retirement in August, 2005 We sold our house and moved into our fifth wheel trailer.  Since May of 2006, we have been touring the lower 48 states.   As of April, 2007 we have been to 46 states and will have visited the other 2 states by June of this year.  We plan of spending next Fall and Winter in  Florida and the summer of 2008 in Alaska.   RETIREMENT IS GREAT!!

Miller,Cherri (Fitch)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Miller, Joanne M. (Druffel)                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Lee


Children: 3


Where did the last 40 years go. . .


Spent a few years in Spokane after graduation, married a Uniontown farm boy, moved to Louisiana for five years, then California, and back home to Colton in 1978. 

We spent five fabulous years living in Slidell, LA.  Lee worked for the U.S. Geological Survey and I for NASA.  We still miss that southern hospitality and fabulous southern cooking! 


Always wanting to raise our family on the farm, we landed a farm lease in 1978, gave up the government lifestyle and returned home to the Colton-Uniontown area to farm.  We still have that same lease today, only the family and farm have grown a little larger!  


We have three wonderful sons, Justin, Nathan, and Allen and a fantastic daughter-in-law, Beth, all whom are Vandals!


After returning home I began part-time work that quickly turned into full-time employment.  I just completed 13 years with ISR ( as the Executive Assistant.  In June we were informed they were closing our Pullman office and I would no longer be employed.  It was a very sad day for many of us, but what a wonderful summer I am having!!  Retirement does look good! 


We spend our fall Saturdays following the Cougs!  If you attend WSU football games, we’d love to have you join our tailgates!!  Whenever we have free time, we are off to McCall for skiing, biking, fishing, and taking advantage of those wonderful hot springs for these “older” bodies! 


Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!! 

Miller, Linda (Humphrey)                                                              LHS"1967"

Miller, Mary (Del Valle)                                                                LHS"1967"


Miller, Sandra (Pitts)                                                                     LHS"1967"

Spouse: Mr. Pitts


Children: 2

Stepchildren: 2

Grandchildren: 10

Great grandchildren: Twins


I did not attend Lewiston High school but my brother Daniel W. Miller graduated from there in 1968. Our family suffered through serious home problems during that time (an age when divorce was not very common) and we kids found ourselves in Pullman where I graduated in 1967. Back to Lewiston the next year where Dan graduated as I said in 1968.


So many names I read on your page were familiar from J.J. high days. Sadden to see more familiar names of these who have passed.


My best friend in those days was Francis Strickler (Francy) who is now Francis Maxwell.

I have lost touch with her over the years but understand she lives in Clarkston. She Graduated from LHS in 1967 I believe.


I will not be attending the event but should you see others from Jennifer Jr. High, you might mention my name. I was a short, over weight red head at the time and still am. I am married, have 2 grown daughters, 2 grown step-children, 10 grandkids in total, and my husbands oldest grandson and wife just made me a great-grandmother of twins. I worked as a steelworker for Bethlehem Steel for over 12 years, and now I am a nurse who recently retired from the Veterans Hospital here in Seattle. I still work as a nurse but through and agency and work only when I feel like it. Life had been interesting, happy and sad; I have been blessed in many ways.

Thank you for your hard work which is evident from the web site. It is people like you who allow people like me a very pleasant trip down memory lane.

Mittendorf, Jack                                                                           LHS"1967"

Mohr, Steve                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Mooney, Chris                                                                             LHS"1967"

Moore, Ernie Dean                                                                       LHS"1967"

Spouse: Bonnie


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 2

Moore, Will                                                                                  LHS"1967"
Spouse: Jonelle

Morton, Ron                                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Stephanie


OK, so what’s changed since 1997?  New career, new town, new house, new dog!

What hasn’t changed?  Same wife, same family, same good friends!  Now here are some details.


In 2004, after 14+ years as CEO of a regional, public mental health system home-based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we decided it was past time to shake up our lives.  Through my work privatizing the delivery of mental health services, I met Dr. Stuart Meyers, President of The Meyers Group, a behavioral health executive search firm in Silver Spring, MD.  Near the end of our collaborations, Dr. Meyers asked me if I would join his firm.  After long discussions about what would be a drastically different direction in my career, Steph and I agreed to take the plunge.  In November of 2004, I joined The Meyers Group as Vice President, Healthcare Division.  In addition to executive placement, I’ve enjoyed consulting on a broad range of human resource issues with a focus on executive performance and succession planning.  My client base is diverse, including for-profit, non-profit and governmental organizations – mostly in the healthcare and human services industry from all across the country.   


We chose Annapolis because of the proximity to Steph’s family and the great lifestyle here. This is also where we met some 37 years ago! My commute is modest for this area and at the end of the day I’m only 10 minutes from the City Dock and the Chesapeake Bay.  We’ve purchased a new condo in a unique mixed-use development called Annapolis Towne Center at Parole.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the developer hosted a hard hat tour of the construction site.  We need that kind of reinforcement because our building won’t be completed until early 2009.  In the meantime, we’re in a great new apartment with our guard dog, Sophie, a miniature black and tan dachshund who has us wrapped around her little paws!  Steph is active with volunteer activities that now include serving as President of her sorority’s corporation board and overseeing the Alpha Xi Delta house at The University of Maryland.


Travel to figure skating competitions and to see family and friends still tops our leisure activities.  We get back to Lewiston at least once a year to see my folks, brothers and sisters and our nieces & nephews and their families.  My youngest sisters live in the St. Paul, MN area so we always make a side trip there, too.  We have had the good fortune to stay in touch with some of our best friends of all times and get to see Marv, Mike and Dick & Vicki every trip.


Life is too short to waste the time we could spend with family and friends.  So we hope to see most of you at the reunion and welcome you to visit our hometown sometime soon

Mostek, Jeannie (Jorgenson)                                                         LHS"1967"

Mouchet, Sue                                                                               LHS"1967"

Mulalley, Linda                                                                             LHS"1967"

Mullen, Rosaline (Matoske)                                                          LHS"1967"

Mundell, Sandy (Pinson)                                                               LHS"1967"

Munn, Galen L.                                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Holly J.


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 1


I retired in 2004 after 33 years in education.  Eight of my years were spent teaching in the Lewiston School District.  In 1979 I took a principalship in the St. Maries School District and was an elementary principal there from 1979-1984.
In 1984 we moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon.  I spent 20 years in education there as an elementary principal and retired from the District Office as the Director of Elementary Education.
We moved back to the valley to Clarkston in June of 2004.  We are thrilled to be back home and enjoy being close to our children.
This June we celebrated 31 years of marriage.  My wife, Holly, is also a retired educator.  We enjoy our free time traveling, spoiling our granddaughter, and golfing at Quailridge Golf Course.


Nearing, Janice (Jarrett) 

Deceased                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Nelson, Fleurette (Rita)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Nelson, Pat                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Spouse: Barbara       


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 2

Netz, Myra (Munsterman)                                                            LHS"1967"

Nichols, Mary (Gardner)                                                              LHS"1967"

Nicholson, Lester                                                                         LHS"1967"


Nicholson, Lewis                                                                          LHS"1967"

Nisco, Rick                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Norberg, Terryl (Ecert)                                                                 LHS"1967"

O'toole, Michael J.                                                                       LHS"1967"


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 3


I'm working for Ida Vending

My hobbies are fishing, playing with grandchildren, and socializing with friends.

Oliver, Lavene Gail (Lundell)                                                        LHS"1967"

Ostle, Anita (Wilson)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Ostman, Mike                                                                              LHS"1967"

Pace, Richard Kent                                                                      LHS"1967"

Packard, Karen (Johnson)                                                            LHS"1967"

Packwood, Ken 

Deceased                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Spouse: Christi


Children: 4

Grandchildren: 6

Page, Ladonna  (Baggerly)                                                            LHS"1967"

Spouse: Gaylord


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 2




Palmer, Gary                                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Ann


Ann and I were introduced during our University of Idaho days, and we will happily celebrate our 35th anniversary in September 2007. We live on a few acres just east of  Lewiston, and manage to stay cheerfully involved in gardening, grounds maintenance, and animal control. We are still trying to decide whether or not to have children.


Ann is a self-employed commercial and residential interior designer, and I have enjoyed many years of independent contract teaching and facilitating.

My primary focus had been business initiatives that re-define customer service processes.


Athletic events, fishing excursions, and hunting trips are still high on my avocational list of priorities. Windshield time is our special shared passion. We have been blessed with many travel opportunities, but we always look forward to being L-C valley bound.


The uplifting experience of renewing the bonds with old friends at our recent 40th celebration will linger for many moons. What an inspiring weekend!


Parent, Mike                                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: Deborah


Children: Zoel (8)  Oliver (6) and Elsa (4)


3 babies, 2 dogs, 1 hedge hog. Have enjoyed free time cooking, traveling, skiing and continuing full time practice of medicine.

Park, Jeanette (Vincent)                                                               LHS"1967"

Park, Jeannine (Thomas)                                                               LHS"1967"

Parkhouse, Kathleen (Christensen)                                                LHS"1967"

Paul, Roberta (Wise)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Spouse: Phil


Children: 2

Grandchildren: Together we have 10


Since the 30th reunion, I had just been working for Washington State University college of Nursing as the Native American Coordinator for two years. I started a Native American Recruitment and Retention Program and created a Native American High School Summer Nursing Institute called

"Na-ha-shnee". I just completed hosting the 12th Annual "Na-ha-shnee Institute." Beginning January of 2000 I entered the Gonzaga University PhD

program in Leadership Studies. I just completed the program and graduated this past May 12, 2007 with my Doctorate. The title of my Dissertation was "Historical Trauma and its effects on a Ni mii puu family, finding story, healing wounds." I had the distinguished honor of being selected to attend an International conference to present my research topic at the University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, in November, 2006. The title of the conference was "Memory, Narrative, and Forgiveness, Reflecting on the 10 year Anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa."

I was also granted a private audience with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The conference was also honoring his 75th birthday. Archbishop Tutu is truly a beautiful humanitarian for helping to form the commission to help his country move forward after the awfulness of an apartheid government had  been dismantled.


Job Promotion: I have recently been offered the position of Director of Native American Health Sciences for Washington State University at the Spokane campus. My duties will be to help the science departments with recruiting and retaining Native Americans into health careers, teach about Plateau Tribes and Culture, develop culturally competent curriculum, and tribal relations with tribes of Washington State and the Plateau Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. I will also serve on the Native American Advisory Council to the Provost for Washington State University.


Family: I am married to Phil Wise and we live on 40 acres just North of Deer Park, Washington. Together we have 10 grandchildren. I have 2 beautiful granddaughters. My daughter and son live in the Seattle area, so I get to see them often.


Future plans: Publish my dissertation as a book, perhaps make the book into a movie, and looking towards retirement. (YEAH!!!)


P.S. I am attaching three photos. One is of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and myself in South Africa. The second is my husband Phil Wise and me, and the third is a photo of myself taken recently. I will send the photo of Desmond Tutu in another e-mail.


Payton, Susan Charleen                                                                LHS"1967"

Peltier, Roger                                                                               LHS"1967"

Petersen, Gail (Gill)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Spouse: Larry


Children: 3 (Ryan, Erin and Traci)

Grandchildren: 3 granddaughters (Sayler 3, Addison 4, Marley 16 mo. and a grandson on the way.

Peterson, Chris (Hopwood)                                                          LHS"1967"

Peterson, Wendy (Armstrong)                                                      LHS"1967"

Petrie, Gary                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Pfeiffer, Sharil (Knutson)                                                               LHS"1967"

Phillips, Dennis                                                                             LHS"1967"

Phillips, Sherry (Pearson)                                                              LHS"1967"

Pinkerton, Randy                                                                          LHS"1967"

Pinson, Scott                                                                                LHS"1967"


Polillo, Rick                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Pretko, Dana (Falk)                                                                      LHS"1967"

Spouse: Ralph Falk ll


Children: Ralph--10

Grandchildren: Ralph--6

Purviance, John                                                                            LHS"1967"

Quinlan, Katie (Shoven)                                                                LHS"1967"

Spouse: John


Children: 1 (Jimmy)


40 can this be?  


After graduation I attended LCNS for 2 years and then decided I wanted to see what life in California was like...what in the world could I have been thinking?  My first job was in Bank of America's public relations department--a pretty interesting organization to work for in San Francisco in 1969.  I later worked in the Economics Department at Stanford University and later still at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center and DEC's System Research Center.   I haven't worked outside the home since John and I were married in 1984, but I've stayed very busy with lots of community volunteer organizations and groups especially related to our school district and AYSO soccer.  John is on the faculty at Stanford University, we live on campus, and I've been on the board of the campus homeowner association for a number of years--living and working in the company town has its challenges.  Our son, Jimmy, just turned 21 and he's entering his senior year at Santa Clara University.  Like John, Jimmy's field is economics and finance, and he was recently elected captain of the men's crew team at SCU.  


Over the years we've done a lot of international traveling, but I'm perfectly content to stay closer to home and avoid the chaos at airports as much as possible.  "Retirement" is not in John's vocabulary so I expect we'll keep an academic calendar for a while yet.  Jimmy helps me deal with the disorientation of having an "empty nest" and lack of soccer mom duties by occasionally bringing the entire men's crew team home for dinner.  We're regulars at Stanford basketball and football games.  And, I'll admit it, I've been cheering for SCU, not Gonzaga, since Jimmy's freshman year. 


Life has been good here in the Bay Area the past 38 years, but I still think of Lewiston as home and I read the Tribune Online every day.   I'm really looking forward to seeing many friends at the reunion and want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the committee for getting us together!    

Rasmussen, Marcy (Eisele)                                                           LHS"1967"

Spouse: Pat


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 5


Pat & I have been married 38 years in August.  We have three great kids, two wonderful sons-in-law, and five beautiful grandchildren, who are the light of our lives. 


‘Went to college as a “non-traditional student” in the ’80’s and got my degree in elementary education in 1986.  I’ve been teaching fifth grade at Orchards Elementary School, here in Lewiston, since then and plan to retire in four more years.  Pat retired from Potlatch Corp. about 5 years ago, but works occasionally; so we’re looking forward to traveling, golfing, playing, whatever.


I’ve truly enjoyed working on this reunion committee for the past two years (we really have been getting together for that long!), and am excited to visit and reconnect with classmates.

Raspone, Joe                                                                                LHS"1967"

Ray, Robert Lee                                                                           LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 1


After high school I went into the service and stayed for 10 years. In hindsight, it was not very bright of me to not stay in and retire but getting out and moving to Portland, Oregon just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I have one son (Jeremy) who is 35 years old and a wonderful little 6 year old granddaughter (Isabelle) who has grandpa wrapped around her finger. I now live in a community call Charbonneau just south of Portland and enjoy all aspects of life in this area. I have two years left before I retire but have a job that allows me the luxury to work from anywhere in the world and I do. Travel and the outdoors are my passions and do both as often as I can. In the last few years I’ve been able to see most of Asia, the South Pacific, Mexico, spend 5 months RVing around the United States and stayed six months in the Florida Keys. Something about travel and seeing different cultures really seems to fulfill the nomad in me. I will be attending the 40th class reunion and am anxious to see everyone again then I will be taking off to Borneo, India and Nepal so my plates pretty full for this year but exciting. One thing for sure is that the granddaughter will be getting a lot of bizarre gifts as a result of the travels. My other passion is one of an avid outdoorsman. Usually if there is a place to fish anywhere I go, I’ll be doing it but I always have to be back in the fall for a annual two week horse back trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness area with my buddies. We have been doing that for a long time and that’s just something I don’t miss out on. I still have a weird idea that I’m just a young person in an old container so my body occasionally says “enough” and its back to Oregon for some R & R. See you all in July. 

Redl, Sara (Scott)                                                                         LHS"1967"

Reed, Becky (Weber)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Reeves, Rod                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Spouse: Deby


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 2

Reintjes, Lucinda (Smith)                                                              LHS"1967"

Renggli, Rubie (Barnes)                                                                LHS"1967"

Reno, Carol                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Rhodes, Donna (Ruckman)                                                           LHS"1967"

Richardson, Robert                                                                       LHS"1967"

Ricks, Boyd SGT                                                                         LHS"1967"

Riedlinger, Sandra                                                                        LHS"1967"

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Riggs, Dan                                                                                    LHS"1967"


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 3


I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Since the Navy and then U of I, I have been computering, mainly in the finance industry.  Currently with National City Bank in Cleveland.  Worked in DC, then Oregon and North Carolina.
Divorced, Deb Thorton, 25 good years with few regrets.  3 boys, 3 grands.
Drink too much, smoke too much, don't golf enough.

Roberts, Marcia                                                                           LHS"1967"

Rolfe, Gordon                                                                              LHS"1967"

Rolig, Jeff                                                                                     LHS"1967"

Spouse: Kaylynee


Children: 3

Rose, Carol (Harrington)                                                              LHS"1967"

Rustemeyer, Linda (Ellis)                                                              LHS"1967"

Rutherford, Sam Kent                                                                   LHS"1967"


Children: 4

Grandchildren: 4


I attended LCSC for 2 years, then spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy as a radioman.

I then attended San Jose State University for 4 years. In 1979, I moved back to the northwest and began my railroad career with Burlington Northern Railroad.

I have been a trained dispatcher (Rail Traffic Controller) for the last 22 years and still enjoy it very much. In 1995 the railroad transferred me to Fort Worth, TX.

Hopefully upon retirement I can come back home to Lewiston were I belong.

I was married 32 years to my wife Karen (Knutson-LHS"1961"). Unfortunately, she passed away last April due to a heart attack, so I've been dealing with the grief and difficulties of that. I have four adult children, and four grandchildren who I enjoy very much. I try to stay healthy by working out most days. I enjoy watching sport events, particularly the Seattle Mariners, L.A. Dogers, and

Texas High School football. I keep a close watch on politics (I'm a Democrat), and world events. I'm also active in the Lutheran church. I look back fondly at the great friends, and times we had during our Lewiston High School years.

Sanders, Dennis                                                                            LHS"1967"


Shock, Donna (Anderson)                                                            LHS"1967"

Significant Other: Bill Malcom 


Children: 3

Grandsons: 2 and 3rd due in November


I graduated from the LCSC Nursing Program in 1973 and received my BSN

in 1993. Currently I have two jobs: Nurse Epidemiologist for North Central District Health Department since 1999 and Nursing Assistant Instructor for Walla Walla Community College since 2003.

Schoonmaker, Delores (Bond)                                                      LHS"1967"

Schraufnagel, Linda ( Boxleitner)                                                   LHS"1967"

Schwartzkopf, Kay (Stroops)                                                       LHS"1967"

Schwegel, Ron                                                                             LHS"1967"

Spouse: Margie Jo

Children: 4

Grandchildren: 8


I ran a body shop for many years. I married Margie Jo in 1990. Together we have 4 kids and 8 grandkids. We spend all of our spare time with the grandkids and love it. We try to go hunting and fishing as much as possible. Presently I am working at St. Joseph Hospital.

Scott, Bedelia (Pentland)                                                              LHS"1967"

Sewell, Gerald                                                                              LHS"1967"

Sewell, Joyce (Olson)                                                                   LHS"1967"

Spouse: Jack


Children: 3

Grandchildren: 2


My name is Joyce Sewell Olson and this is my update for the Class of 1967 Memory book.  I can't believe it has been 40 years - here is what I've been doing:

I graduated from Idaho State University with a B.S. degree in mathematics in 1971 but didn't use it until 1988 when my youngest daughter started to school.  I have been teaching math ever since at Moapa Valley High School, a small rural school (600) in Overton, Nevada, with an envious sports program - at least in the eyes of our Pirates.

In the interim, I married (36 years this summer) Jack Olson, an engineering graduate of University of Idaho, lived at various construction sites - Albuquerque, NM, Pocatello, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Boardman, Oregon, and Overton, Nevada.  We have three beautiful daughters - one in Albuquerque with two "perfect" grandsons (see attached pics of Andrew, 5, and Gavin, 7 - grandchildren are much more fun than children!), one in Santa Monica finishing law school at UCLA, and one in Seattle looking for work with her degree in business economics.
My husband retired 4 years ago from Simplot Silica here in Overton, and I am considering 1 or 2 more years teaching, then retirement, to travel to see our family that is spread from Kansas to S. California, as long as we can afford gasoline. When we aren't visiting family, we have a small acreage in McCammon, Idaho, where we retreat from the Nevada heat and raise beautiful flowers, a great garden, one spoiled labrador retriever, and two big yellow cats. Life has been good to us.
Thank you to the committee for setting up this opportunity to share memories with our classmates.

Sewell, Shirley                                                                              LHS"1967"

Sewell, Susan                                                                               LHS"1967"

Sheets, Connie                                                                             LHS"1967"

Shinn, Donna (Loucks)                                                                 LHS"1967"

Shoemaker, Cheryl (Hinnenkamp)                                                LHS"1967"

Siler, Denise (Connolly)                                                                LHS"1967"

Small, Melida (Maumann)                                                             LHS"1967"

Smith, Alice (Burgess)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Smith, Doug                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Smith, Jean (Heartburg)                                                                LHS"1967"


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 2


In 1970 I did what every parent hopes their child won’t do.  I quit school, married and moved to Colombia, S.A.  I had been married for three months to Larry Heartburg when he accepted a teaching position with Potlatch Forest Inc.  We lived in the middle of the Amazon where Potlatch had a plywood mill.  We had the opportunity while living in Colombia to take the students we taught (children of the executives) on “educational trips” to various other countries and cities.  We visited Cali, Bogota, Cartagena, Medellin, Quito, Panama and many others cities with the privilege of the company jet.  What a great opportunity it was!!


Upon our return to the USA two years later, we were both excited for Larry to begin studies for his MBA.  We moved to Glendale, Arizona and Larry enrolled at Thunderbird Graduate School, now known as the American Int’l School for Business Management.  I had the opportunity to study also at Thunderbird, so I chose to study Western Europe and French.  I also worked on campus as a reference librarian.  Shortly after graduation our son, Rolf was born and two years later our daughter, Brandy was born.


This puts us at about 1975. We lived in various places with various companies, Charleston, SC, St. Louis, MO, and Clinton, NJ.  Because the positions always required traveling internationally, we made some exciting trips abroad.  In the early 80’s Larry took a position in Curitiba, Brazil, SA. The operation there did design printing for high laminating in the manufacturing business.  We lived in Brazil for five years.  Brandy was starting kindergarten and Rolf was beginning second grade.  Their international school consisted of grades K-12 and 100 students of various countries and languages.  In Brazil it is law to study Portuguese in school.  So everyone studied Portuguese the five years we lived in Curitiba.  Some of my fondest memories are of Brazil. I am now fortunate to be able to live and work in the Portland area where a few families I knew from Brazil also live. Every now and then we have to get our Salsa music out and have a great Brazilian party.  Well, okay, Samba.  Returning to the USA after living abroad for the second time, we were beginning to feel quite like strangers in our own country.  1990 and we found ourselves back in Arizona.  This time we made our home in Scottsdale.


Rolf and Brandy graduated high school two years apart.  After high school both attended the University of San Diego, enabling the family to spend lots of great years in San Diego. Rolf acquired his MBA at Thunderbird, and has been with Axberg.Heartburg.Willis for the past seven years with his two partners in Scottsdale.  Their company does investment management, estate preservation, insurance services and tax management.  Rolf married and has a little boy named Adler.  Of course he is the apple of our eye.  Adler is now 6 years old and Rolf is raising him alone.  Being a single parent, Rolf is met with lots of parenting challenges.  After 6 years his patience and skills have grown tremendously and he is a great Dad.  Grandma is on call often. Literally, because of living in different cities.  Brandy attended Regent’s College in London and received her Master’s Degree in International Relations.  She is now married and Senior Account Manager for a P/R Firm in San Jose.  They have a beautiful baby boy, now 10 months old named Ciaran. Yes, we have another apple of our eye!!


1999 brought some sadder parts and times to me.  First I turned 50, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, then divorced.  In that order!  The past six years have been a time of healing and a hard road for every one of us, but I would not change any of the past 40 years.  I have learned that this journey is what makes us who we are.  I believe we don’t make mistakes, we have processes of growth.  Ugh!


Today I work for a company in Beaverton, Oregon called Leopold & Stevens Inc.,  We are a family owned business, and have been manufacturing some of the finest optics for 100 years.  We manufacture rifle scopes, rangefinders, binoculars and many accessories for the hunting/birding industry.  Some of you may know Tom Fruechtel.  He is CEO, and Fritz Kaufman ( a Lewiston High School man of many moons later) is one of our VP’s of Manufacturing.  And that’s all I have to say about that. J  I am currently in the Accounts Payable/Finance Department and have now been here for five and a half years.  I love the Portland area, I especially love to hike, garden, trips to the beach, all the outdoor marketing, and of course friends and family close to me.


I am looking forward to our…………What????? 40 year?????  What????  Only the Class of 1967 will make sure we are the new 20 year reunion!!  After all, not one of us is past 40 years old!  Right?

Smith, John Burnham                                                                    LHS"1967"


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 2

Smith, Kathy L. (Johnston)                                                           LHS"1967"



Children: 2-Scott Johnston & Darci Allert

Grandchildren:4-Cameron & Kaitylyn Johnston, Shayna & Payton Allert

Smith, Marilyn (Halbert)                                                               LHS"1967"

Snyder, Jim                                                                                  LHS"1967"

Sordorff, Dennis                                                                           LHS"1967"


Children: 1

Grandchildren: 2

Sorenson, Leroy                                                                           LHS"1967"

Sparks, Linda (Hurn)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Speck, Christine (Howard)                                                           LHS"1967"

Speck, Gloria (Betts)                                                                    LHS"1967"

Spindler, Sidney Shannon (Moore)                                               LHS"1967"

Stabb, Marilyn (McKenna)                                                           LHS"1967"

Steigers, Charlotte (Sauer)                                                            LHS"1967"

Stellyes, Monte                                                                             LHS"1967"


Children: 1


Work, work and travel.

Stenerson, Neal                                                                            LHS"1967"

Stephens, Pam                                                                              LHS"1967"

Stewart, Judith Ilene (Phillips)                                                       LHS"1967"

Stewart, Rita (Blewett)                                                                 LHS"1967"


Children: 2

Grandchildren: 1

Stewart, William                                                                           LHS"1967"

Stonecipher, Carol (Lemire)                                                          LHS"1967"

Story, Gregg                                                                                 LHS"1967"

Strange, Sharon                                                                            LHS"1967"

Steiff, John                                                                                   LHS"1967"

Strickler, Frances (Maxwell)                                                         LHS"1967"

Strong, Marilyn (Folk)                                                                  LHS"1967"

Strotherman, Cheryl (Laney)                                                         LHS"1967"

Sturman, Mike (Ostman)                                                              LHS"1967" 

Sullivan, Dianna (Shaunessy)                                                         LHS"1967"

Spouse: Mike


Children: 1