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 Our 45th class reunion was held on August 17 & 18, 2012. On Friday the golfers had the opportunity to show their skill’s at Bryden Canyon Golf course. The main event: Saturday was held at the Lewiston Elks Lodge; our reunion was fun and well attended.

The theme of our class of ‘1967’ 45th reunion was “Back to the 60’s” and the only trouble was we were already in the 60’s… how did that happen?

Picture posters from Casey’s ball room dance hall and samples from memory lane abounded. Decorations tinged with psychedelic colors and patterns graced each table.

Name tags were helpful, but our 50th reunion will have identifying pictures from our classmates annual. We don’t look the same!

 The class gift was finished by the committee members: Mark Weber and Jack Cridlebaugh took down the Bengal tiger from Booth Hall.  Gene Kimbrel worked hard trying to find someone to repair the tiles.  Dennis Bishop did all the carpentry for the wood base and frame. Patti (Gage)Borjesson repaired/replaced the broken tiles and laid the tile.


The pictures of our 45th reunion will be linked to Facebook.

We would welcome an e-mail address and/or other contact information for any classmate you believe we may not have. If there are any question, please feel free to e-mail President Bill at or Steve Cravens at     

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